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We excel at simplifying complex learning problems for businesses, start-ups, non-profits, and government.
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Our consulting services responds to designing and implementing a measurable learning solution within the context of clients’ business goals. Our services include: Training Needs Analysis, Skills Gap Analysis, ROI Reporting, Curriculum Design, Certification mapping, Blended learning Strategy and Learning Process / Workflow Design.


When system, product, certification, skill or business related training content needs to be developed, our clients depend on us. We specialize in creating high quality content for classrooms, elearning, mobile learning, explanation videos and also infographics.


We sell leading learning software, tools, templates and resources, such as Articulate. These learning tools will speed up development, improve productivity and empower your learning teams.

Learning Tools

We offer Learning Management System (LMS) that is fully Hosted, Maintained and Administered by us for you. Custom Branded. Simple to Use. Mobile Friendly. Immediate Activation. Flexible Pricing Plans. Pay for Active Users only.


Our Portfolio

Our portfolio showcases our experience.
The best way to demonstrate our expertise is to show you our work in person. Speak to us to schedule a meeting.

Commendation and Endorsements

Don’t just take our word for it, read some of our feedback we received.

“Content is nothing without strong, credible, experienced facilitators. People who have walked the walk and know how to impart their experience. Your experience as a facilitator and business person has benefited us both in the materials developed as well as bringing real world experience into the actual classroom.”

“Working with you the past few years has been a real pleasure. What I truly enjoyed is the trust that we have developed. You are a woman of character and integrity. I appreciate that most of all.”

“I have heard many positive remarks regarding the program and your energetic and effective facilitation from both supervisors and participants. The attendees undoubtedly have a better understanding of workplace leadership issues after your sessions.”

“If I haven’t said it already… your 3G work has been amazing – one of the best run L&D projects I have seen in a long while.”

“I am a big fan. She is not only innovative in her thinking; she implements her ideas and pushes through inertia to get results. A high-quality person both professionally and behaviourally.”

“This is one of the most clearly presented and well thought out presentations I’ve seen while at Telstra – well done!”

“You have pulled together a training program suitable for over ten business units, aligned it to our vision. The workload has been ‘massive’ and the pressure high as tight timeframes needed to be achieved. To add further complexity, you had to ensure Legal’s, Public Relations, product and Network all reviewed and endorsed every word!” Thanks again – you have been instrumental to this critical program.”

“Her ability in analytical and people skills was instrumental in her leading projects on incentives & performance bonuses, compensation reports, review of operational processes and a key member in initiating and managing organisation wide change.”

“I just did my first TTT. They (trainers) were all very impressed and enthusiastic. They said that the training package was the best they’ve seen, very clear, easy to understand and follow.”

“Who put together the Quake training? It’s absolutely fantastic – the best training material I’ve ever seen….”

“The overall training was great, it progressed at the right pace and participation of role plays was welcomed by the CSD audience”

About Us

"We are a boutique learning services company with a modern twist."

In today’s world, we get to be many things to many people. We are a creative agency. We are adult educators. We are consultants. We are artists and we are problem solvers. We believe in producing right-fit learning solutions for our clients, without sacrificing on skills, expertise, experience and overall quality. We are an Australian owned and operated company.

preeti more
“Sometimes the Questions are complicated and the answers are simple”
Dr. Suess

Preeti More

Principal Consultant

I lead an awesome global team of learning professionals who simply love the work they do. Along with solving business problems for our clients, I manage all the operational and strategic elements of our service lines. I have the most fun in the loosely defined space between new ideas and execution.

I am an active freelance evangelist and a strong believer in a quality of life that offers a better work life balance. When I'm not working I'm heavily involved in volunteering at school programs. When I get a chance to sneak away from all things work you will find me indulging in travel photography, reading or simply spending time with my family.

vik mohite
“You have to do something you’ve never done to have something you’ve never had.”
Elizabeth Franklin

Vikram Mohite

Customer Advocacy

I'm a people person at heart and in spirit. After nearly two decades of managing multi million dollar projects, I have moved on to doing what I love the best – working hard and smart to earn the rights to execute projects where we get to add real value.

Our team at Learnex are truly remarkable. Our expertise is untouchable. Even though we work scattered across the world we collectively use our skills and resources to help organizations reach their true potential. Our team approach problems with a unique perspective on a daily basis and my aim is to lend that perspective to our clients.

global team
“The Earth is round but, for most purposes, it’s sensible to treat it as flat.”
Theodore Levitt

Global Teams Delivering Agile Solutions

Our Australian project teams and Global production houses consists of highly qualified specialists who are experienced in delivering innovative and agile learning solutions.

Our global presence helps us to achieve a perfect balance of quality, cost savings, cultural localization and flexibility to meet client expectations. Not a one skill fits all type approach but a resources model that is driven by client requirements.

Make a difference

LearnEX is shaping the future of work using a distributed and networked approach for meeting our project demands. While there’s no shortage of independent learning professionals, we’re looking for a very specific type of person, and we believe that person is quite rare. Read further to see if we are the best fit for you.

Give Positive Vibes:

We want people that are excited about what they’re doing and who would like to spend time with us as much as we would like being in their company.

Be Committed and Involved:

We want team members who are fully engaged, committed and involved with the work we do. Our clients and we are looking for added value – all around.

Inquisitive and Interested:

The learning environment is always evolving. If you didn’t learn something new today, you’re probably behind. We want people that are striving to be experts at what they do, and are going to be experts in what comes next as well.

Demonstrate Ownership and Accountability:

This attribute is critical to be a LearnEX team member. For us ownership and accountability is not only about meeting deadlines – it’s about expectation management across the board and about ensuring the buck stops with you – when it does.

We match our pool of independent learning professionals with organizations looking for the brightest professionals available on demand.

We designed LearnEX to function as a cooperative, where value is realised by every node in the network where each of us considers oneself a thriving micro-entrepreneur.

You can be an expert with years of experience or just starting out. What we look for in a team member, is the fundamental technical aptitude and specific personal attributes to excel.

If you have what it takes and like what you see, then get in touch because we think we should have been working on projects together as of yesterday.

  • > Instructional Designers

  • > Learning Project Managers

  • > LMS Administrators

  • > Trainers & Facilitators

  • > Learning Consultants

  • > Graphic Designers

  • > Illustrators
  • > Great projects managed for big name clients

  • > Work virtually or remotely, flexi or full time It’s all ok to us

  • > We manage the project and the clients. All you focus on is being an awesome specialist

  • > Be independent but not all by yourself. Get the opportunity to learn from peers
Write to us at careers@learnex.com.au informing us about who you are, how you work and what value you can add to our team. Please ensure you put the title of the role you are looking for in the subject line and if possible include a link to your portfolio and client list or Linkedin profile.

Or simply connect with us on our Linkedin or Facebook Page with a brief message indicating the role you are interested in.

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